Ultraviolet (UV) Black Lights

Magnaflux ultraviolet (UV) black lights are designed to maximize the detection properties of your magnetic particle and liquid penetrant inspection process.

You can count on our durable, cool-running black lights to keep your inspection systems running at peak detection levels, both on the floor and in the field.

Magnaflux black lights offer improved operating and safety features and deliver UV outputs in excess of industry specifications.


The EV6000 LED UV lamp is a portable, hand-held UV lamp for fluorescent penetrant testing and fluorescent magnetic particle inspections. UV-A radiation is generated by special high-performance LEDs and focused through custom-designed optics to provide the maximum irradiated area available from any hand-held lamp on the market.

  • Uniform beam with no hot-spots; 9 in / 23 cm wide beam, 33% wider than the next widest hand-held UV lamp in the industry.
  • Custom-designed optics provide intense and even coverage of UV-A for clearly visible indications.
  • An integrated filter ensures minimal visible light emission.
  • Advanced cooling that needs no fan, and a lens that does not solarize.
  • Low energy consumption’
  • Certified to NDT standards for LED UV lamps and certified for Aerospace Prime and OEM specifications for emission spectrum and beam profile.
  • Supplied with a manufacturer’s certificate of conformance.

The EV6000 meets the requirements of the following standards and specifications:

  • ASTM E3022
  • RRES 90061

UV-A LED Torch

Our rechargeable UV-A LED torch has been specially designed for fluorescent penetrant and magnetic particle inspection techniques.

Light, compact and highly durable, the high-powered UV-A LED torch produces 10,000 µW/cm² intensity at 380 mm (15 inch).

  • Single high power UV-A  365 nm LED (Peak Wavelength).
  • Wavelength Emission UV-A 365±5nm (No  UVB/UV C Emission)
  • Construction – CNC machined High-grade aluminum  casing, hard anodized finish prevents corrosion
  • Weatherproof and light weight (weight approximately : 200 Grams)
  • Instant –ON operation; lamp  reaches full intensity immediately.
  • 60,000 Hour LED service life
  • Wavelength: 365±5nm
  • Intensity: > 10 000µW/cm² at 38 cm (15 inches)
  • CE Approved

Part number F05074

UV-A LED 365/4 Overhead Light

Our UV-A LED 365/4 overhead light has been specially designed for fluorescent penetrant and magnetic particle inspection techniques.

  • 4 high-performance UV-LEDs
  • Maximum UVA intensity 7500 µW/m² (measured at 380 mm)
  • UV-A intensity adjustable with potentiometer
  • The most economical design in UV-LED Lamps
  • Wavelength 365±5nm (no UVB/UVC emission)
  • IP65
  • CE Approved

Part number F05075


Magnaflux has stopped production of the ZB-100F UV lamp. To replace it, we have launched the EV6000, the latest in LED UV technology from Magnaflux. Click here for more information.

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