Resonant Inspection Equipment

Designed for high-volume part manufacturers, these exceptionally powerful inspection tools detect both visible and internal quality flaws in critical parts.

The Quasar range of leading-edge resonant inspection equipment is used to improve shipping quality by reliably detecting defects and anomalies affecting a part’s structural integrity. Employing high-speed mechanical resonance and pattern recognition algorithms, the Process Compensated Resonant Inspection (PCRI) process is able to identify structural defects in metal and ceramic parts with at higher throughput and accuracy levels than other NDT methods.


The Quasar 4000 Quality Test System is designed for the inspection of high volume (100,000+ per year) metal and ceramic parts. It offers extreme accuracy and dependability at high throughput to minimise false positives, increasing yield and reducing per part inspection cost. It is well suited for the automotive industry and similar demanding applications.


The Quasar Resonant Ultrasound Spectrometer (RUSpec) system offers extreme accuracy and speed in the measurement of material elastic constants and associated properties of metal and ceramic samples (including some composites) over a broad temperature range.